Unveiled, by Rumki Chowdhury

Unveiled by Rumki Chowdhury
“I may be different,
but as I am,
I am just fine.”
Unveiled, Rumki Chowdhury
Unveiled, a thought-provoking collection of poems, showcases the beauty of a hijabi’s open mind, her non-conformity to the modern-day fashionistas, and an insight into her enlightening soul. Djarabi Kitabs Publishing had sent me a digital copy for review purposes.

I love how the author, Rumki Chowdhury, likened a bird for every poem. A woman’s mind is likened to a raven, appearing to be caged yet wide and open as the sky in which the raven soars. Her body is likened to that of a peahen, seemingly unattractive, yet it is her whom the peacock tries to attract and impress. And her soul is likened to a dove, where there is freedom and hope within her.
The author ends the book with her hijab diary entry. She shares with the readers a sneak peek into her life and journey as a muhajjabah/hijabi, and of how she went from having a tightly-clad wardrobe to one that fits with the standards of a hijab.
Unveiled, a book to make the woman feel empowered.
You may purchase the book in Amazon. Do check out the GoodReads page.

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