In the Land of Strangers, by Zeneefa Zaneer

In the Land of Strangers by Zeneefa Zaneer

“These stories discuss different relationships in our life. And how we have become strangers to our beloved ones. We only start realizing it once we lose someone dearer to our life.”
In the Land of Strangers, Zeneefa Zaneer

In the Land of Strangers by Zeneefa Zaneer is a collection of the author’s best short stories that she has penned down, and self-published through her small-scale organization Think Publishers. Continue reading

A Part of Me Refused to Die, by Nisha Sulthana

Book Review

“Something in me knew marriage was to be the greatest trial of my life, great enough to push me to the brink.”
– A Part of Me Refused to Die, by Nisha Sulthana

I don’t ever remember reading a memoir. If I did, it wasn’t as memorable or as heart-touching as A Part of Me Refused to Die.

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Simple As That, by Nafla Salahudeen

Simple As That Book Review by Umm Afraz Muhammed

“Learning to be free of expectations and giving our best to the people in our lives will help build strong family ties and will also relieve our stress. Be your best, and do your best, and put the rest into the Hands of Allah Subhana wa ta’ala.”
Simple As That, by Nafla Salahudeen

Simple As That: The Muslimah’s Practical Guide To Building Strong Family Ties by Nafla Salahudeen is a non-fiction bilingual book self-published by the Sri Lankan author, in English and Tamil. I opted for doing a book review in exchange for a soft copy provided by the author, since the topic at hand – specifically the relationship between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law – was directly in line with the fiction that I have authored, Here With You. I dived into the book as a reader, but as a reviewer, I am going to be brutally honest with you. Continue reading

Tight Rope, by Sahar Abdulaziz

Tight Rope by Sahar Abdulaziz

“But Nour knew that goodwill and acceptance would never reveal themselves by taking off their hijab because for her or any other person of color, the skin she lived in wasn’t removable and therefore, subsequently, neither were the seeds of hatred.”
Tight Rope, by Sahar Abdulaziz
Djarabi Kitabs Publishing had sent me a hard copy of Tight Rope by Sahar AbdulAziz for review, and masha Allah, it is one powerful book, relatable to Muslims living in the West who undergo bigotry and racist attacks.

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The Blessed Bananas, by Tayyaba Syed

The Blessed Bananas by Tayyab Syed

“The monkey had everything he needed: great food, a perfect home with the best view, and a beautiful surrounding breeze. Yet, Rico felt like something was still missing.”
The Blessed Bananas, by Tayyaba Syed
The Blessed Bananas is a children’s book written by Tayyaba Syed, illustrated by Melani Putri, and published by Prolance, who provided me with the ebook for a review. The author had bagged the first place in a creative story contest held by the Islamic Writers Alliance in 2015.

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I Will Not Clean My Room, by Saharish Arshad

I Will Not Clean My Room by Saharish Arshad
“When I’m in Jannah, I will not
clean my room!” Musa said loudly,
as he held up the broom.
“I’ll close my eyes tightly and
zippity zat!
My room will clean up by itself,
just like that!”
I Will Not Clean My Room, by Saharish Arshad
I Will Not Clean My Room is a children’s book written by Saharish Arshad, illustrated by Elsa Estrada, and published by Prolance. I was given this joyful and chirpy rhyme book by the author for a review. This book is a part of My Journey to Jannah Series, where the reader is taken on a journey of his own to reach Jannah.

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