Top 10 Books of My 2017 Reading List

Top 10 Books of My 2017 Reading List

Don’t you love a book that moves you, touches you, evokes compassion, empathy, humbleness, or any other positive feeling in you?
Don’t you love a book that gives you life lessons, and makes a positive impact on you?

Well, guess what, the following books did exactly that for me. Find the list below in order of age range, starting from toddlers and going up to adults.  Continue reading


Allah Al-Aleem, By Bint Abdul Hamid

Tawheed (Belief in the Oneness of Allah) is the most basic concept of Islam. And the appropriate age to teach this would be at the foundation stage of a child’s life. Allah Al-Aleem, authored by Bint Abdul Hamid, illustrated by Zahra Gulraiz, and published by Prolance touches upon the Tawheed of one of Allah’s Names and Attributes.

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I’m Fasting This Ramadan, By Zeneefa Zaneer


I’m Fasting This Ramadan is a cute picture book that children will relate to, especially the first-time fasters.
In the story, Sakeena, a little girl, is excited to have her first fast. She sees her father, mother, and sister fasting and wants to follow in the footsteps of the Prophet. Would she complete her fast or would her olfactory and visual senses of the table spread win her over?

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The Ducktrinors: Hanifa – Book 1, by Papatia Feauxzar


“The world is coming to an end and Hanifa Ducktrinor can feel it.”

This book is a start of a series called The Ducktrinor (read: those who follow the doctrine). Set in the future when The Hour is near, Hanifa, a warrior, finds her true calling and fights to attain freedom from the Seculars. She dreams of fighting the Dajjal alongside Isa and Mahdi ‘alayhimussalam, of finding the Yajooj and Majooj, and of being a battle hero. How will she attain this in a world filled with vulgarity and obscenity, where that is the norm and being covered results in trouble? The Ducktrinors: Hanifa is the beginning of the fight to freedom from The Seculars. Continue reading