Imagine, by Shoohada Khanom

Book Review
“Could we talk about something interesting?
While we’re trying to get some rest?”
“Okay, Yunus,” Saarah replied.
Plucking something from the top of her head.
Imagine, by Shoohada Khanom
Imagine by Shoohada Khanom, is a children’s picture-book geared towards the ages 3 to 8. I had won this paperback from Sisters In Business when they had held a Giveaway in Instagram on March 2018.

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The Blessed Bananas, by Tayyaba Syed

The Blessed Bananas by Tayyab Syed

“The monkey had everything he needed: great food, a perfect home with the best view, and a beautiful surrounding breeze. Yet, Rico felt like something was still missing.”
The Blessed Bananas, by Tayyaba Syed
The Blessed Bananas is a children’s book written by Tayyaba Syed, illustrated by Melani Putri, and published by Prolance, who provided me with the ebook for a review. The author had bagged the first place in a creative story contest held by the Islamic Writers Alliance in 2015.

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I Will Not Clean My Room, by Saharish Arshad

I Will Not Clean My Room by Saharish Arshad
“When I’m in Jannah, I will not
clean my room!” Musa said loudly,
as he held up the broom.
“I’ll close my eyes tightly and
zippity zat!
My room will clean up by itself,
just like that!”
I Will Not Clean My Room, by Saharish Arshad
I Will Not Clean My Room is a children’s book written by Saharish Arshad, illustrated by Elsa Estrada, and published by Prolance. I was given this joyful and chirpy rhyme book by the author for a review. This book is a part of My Journey to Jannah Series, where the reader is taken on a journey of his own to reach Jannah.

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Allah Al-Aleem, By Bint Abdul Hamid

Tawheed (Belief in the Oneness of Allah) is the most basic concept of Islam. And the appropriate age to teach this would be at the foundation stage of a child’s life. Allah Al-Aleem, authored by Bint Abdul Hamid, illustrated by Zahra Gulraiz, and published by Prolance touches upon the Tawheed of one of Allah’s Names and Attributes.

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I’m Fasting This Ramadan, By Zeneefa Zaneer


I’m Fasting This Ramadan is a cute picture book that children will relate to, especially the first-time fasters.
In the story, Sakeena, a little girl, is excited to have her first fast. She sees her father, mother, and sister fasting and wants to follow in the footsteps of the Prophet. Would she complete her fast or would her olfactory and visual senses of the table spread win her over?

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