Ramadan Around the World, by Ndaa Hassan

Ramadan Around the World Book Review

Title: Ramadan Around The World
Author: Ndaa Hassan
Genre: Children’s Fiction
Illustrator: Azra Momin
Publisher: Ndaa Hassan
Released: 2018
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 40
Source: I had won a hard copy from My Little Ruhm in a giveaway held in Instagram.
Rating: 5/5
Links: Amazon | GoodReads | Official Website

Join the Ramadan Moon as it travels the world to visit children and their families observing Ramadan. Ramadan Around The World showcases how various cultures celebrate the Islamic holiday. The purpose of this book is to illustrate the diversity of the global Muslim community. Children of various nationalities and abilities are represented throughout the book. Families of diverse sizes and demographics have also been equally represented. This book is an adventurous read for children and useful as an educational tool for educators.

Bilal is hearing-impaired.
His Mom signs to him, “Alhumdulillah!”
“Thanks be to God, Ramadan is here!”
– Ramadan Around The World, Ndaa Hassan

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Bedtime Sunnahs by Alia G. Dada

Bedtime Sunnahs Book Review

Title: Bedtime Sunnahs: Emulating the Prophet one night at a time
Author: Alia G. Dada
Genre: Children’s Book
Illustrator: Robin Boyer
Publisher: Prolance
Released: 2018
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 26
Source: I received a soft copy from Prolance in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.
Rating: 3.7/5
Purchase: Amazon | GoodReads | Prolance

This rhyming book outlines several nighttime Islamic practices for kids – and even adults – to implement before going to bed. Fostering a love for the Prophet’s Sunnah, as well as teaching children to practice good deeds consistently. Also includes references to associated hadiths, an explanation of Islamic terminology, and additional advanced practices.

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