A Part of Me Refused to Die, by Nisha Sulthana

Book Review

“Something in me knew marriage was to be the greatest trial of my life, great enough to push me to the brink.”
– A Part of Me Refused to Die, by Nisha Sulthana

I don’t ever remember reading a memoir. If I did, it wasn’t as memorable or as heart-touching as A Part of Me Refused to Die.

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Imagine, by Shoohada Khanom

Book Review
“Could we talk about something interesting?
While we’re trying to get some rest?”
“Okay, Yunus,” Saarah replied.
Plucking something from the top of her head.
Imagine, by Shoohada Khanom
Imagine by Shoohada Khanom, is a children’s picture-book geared towards the ages 3 to 8. I had won this paperback from Sisters In Business when they had held a Giveaway in Instagram on March 2018.

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