Righteous friends are the rope to help you get to the Rope of Allah

Man is a social animal.

I remember learning this in almost all the subjects in my higher secondary – from Psychology to Political Science to Economics.

I never really understood the full meaning until there came a time when I wasn’t able to socialize much. That was a depressing time. I had everything to keep me happy – a loving husband, a new bundle of joy, a peaceful place to live in – and yet there was a longing in me. It got to a point where my mind couldn’t take it anymore. I HAD to meet people. I HAD to socialize. I HAD to have adult conversation that didn’t involve talking about what the baby did today and what he didn’t do. That was when I truly understood that man was indeed a social animal.

But being social doesn’t guarantee true happiness. What brings true happiness is being with righteous people.
Righteous parents to bestow an upbringing that will continue down the lineage.
Righteous siblings to have a bond that sticks like glue, and not for namesake.
Righteous friends who become the rope to help you get to the Rope of Allah.
Righteous spouse who will become a means of raising your rank in the Hereafter.
Righteous children who are a means of ongoing charity for you even when you have long gone from this world.

It is this righteousness that man needs, to help one another in goodness and God-consciousness.

Man is a social animal whose innate nature is to seek righteousness to live a content and peaceful life.

~ Umm Afraz ~


35 thoughts on “Righteous friends are the rope to help you get to the Rope of Allah

  1. Meera says:

    Feeling so related after reading your post. I once went through such a phase and at that time I was looking for someone I can talk more than just my problems. This post is a beautiful reflection and a reminder. May Allah​ bless us all with glad tidings. Aameen.

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  2. Saba Negash says:

    Thank you for sharing your reflection. Sometimes, I have bouts of needing social interaction even though I am an introvert, sometimes going to the masjid or visiting with a group of friends often fulfills that need for socialization.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rafeeka Salih says:

    Ma sha Allah!! Really an enlightening article highlighting the importance of socializing with the righteous ones . 😊
    Hope to see more reflecting subjects from you.
    May Allah bless your efforts and guide us thereby to the goodness in this world and the next !
    Jazakumullahu khayr.

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  4. Asbah Alaena says:

    it is an incredible post and mostly I can relate to it so much! I am (terribly) extrovert, I NEED to be with people, and living here in cayman islands with no friends and no family and two consecetive pregnancies and babies, gave me almost no chance to socialize
    and, as you mentioned, despite everything else, I was terribly depressed. I feel imprisoned (with my husband at work almost 18 hours a day and sleeps the rest) I was terrible.
    I am so glad i resumed my blogging and found a way to socialize and vent out as well.

    Being a part of Muslimah Bloggers group is also amazing because almost all the posts remind you of Allah tala or something about Islam πŸ™‚

    I love you for sake of Allah :))

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  5. saimawrites says:

    This is a good reminder to socialize with righteous people. As your company can either make you or break you. What’s better than having friends who help you connect with Allah day in day out. Though your ending was too abrupt, but message got conveyed through.

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