Relish Your Ramadan

Last year Ramadan, I had witnessed a brother say his shahaadah (testimony of faith) on a Friday at New Muslim Center in Abu Dhabi. After pronouncing it in Arabic, they went on to testify in Tagalog. And subhanAllah we were moved by his emotions, in spite of him trying to mask them.

It is important to understand what we say, rather than mumbling or chanting mindlessly what we learnt since childhood.

Guaranteed we will be rewarded for our efforts, but imagine the magnitude of rewards earned through our sincere-filled passionate prayers if we understood what we say. Simple adhkar like Allahu Akbar (God is The Greatest), SubhanAllah (Glory be to Allah), Alhamdulillah Β (All Praise be to Allah), etc. can weigh heavily on your scales on the Day of Judgement.

This Ramadan, make it a goal to learn and understand at least one new du’a or soorah or aayah everyday – whatever you are capable of. It is ok if you falter couple of days. What matters is you get back up and continue from where you left off.

After all, when we aim to climb the ladder of success in this world, why shouldn’t we aim to climb the ladder of the next – to our soul’s success?

~ Umm Afraz ~


5 thoughts on “Relish Your Ramadan

  1. Shabana says:

    Masha Allah!! Really an enlightening article..
    It is so important to understand what we recite in our daily prayers and in our busy moms we can take baby steps and be consistent in our efforts..
    May Allah make us of those who understand Quran and implement in our lives…aameen

    Liked by 1 person

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