Umm Zakiyyah

Do you remember your First One’s? First One’s are a treasure. You don’t ever forget them. You cherish them.Your first achievement.

Your first car.

Your first crush.

Your first book.

As far as I remember, my first book was Thirteen O’clock by Enid Blyton.

And my first Islamic fiction that I read was If I Should Speak, by Umm Zakiyyah.

I was introduced to her writings in ENG 102 of Islamic Online University, where we had used the first 10 chapters as text. And immediately I fell in love with her *faints*. Obviously, being the bookworm, I went in search and got to read the rest of the book as well.

In this 3-part series, this particular book takes us through the journey of Tamika, an aspiring Christian singer who becomes friends with Durrah, a modern Muslim singer, who happens to be her mentor, and their roommate, Aminah, a practicing Muslim girl. Would Tamika take after her role model? Would Durrah realize where she stands in her faith and turn towards Islam? Would Aminah change her lifestyle to suit with her roommates?

Set in the backdrop of a college life, their interactions with each other brings out the emotions of the reader. The reader is taken on a soul-searching path with the three girls, ultimately leading the reader to review his/her own life goal.

If you haven’t read Umm Zakiyyah’s books, then you are missing out on a lot!

You may purchase her book in Amazon. Do check out her GoodReads page.



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