Sahar Abdulaziz


The Broken Half, by Sahar Abdulaziz, tells the story of Zahra Evans, a young American Muslim woman who married Jamal Evans in the hopes of leading a normal wedded life. Little did she know it would take a wrong turn.

Zahra was the victim of domestic abuse. Apart from a close friend, she had no one to confide in. Even the local Imam had dismissed her. The step she takes to break free from the shackles of violence and the consequences she faces is what The Broken Half is about.

The author’s descriptive narration and graphic content leaves the reader crying for Zahra’s sake and seething at Jamal’s behaviour.

The Broken Half gives an insight into the lives of those who have or are a broken half, rather than a better half.

Her book is available in Amazon. Do check out her GoodReads page.



Secrets That Find Us is a heart-wrenching read. Sahar Abdulaziz artfully entwines taboo topics like rape, abuse, incest, and violence into the story. The author also skillfully mentions how these issues can affect the victim’s mental state.

Secrets That Find Us is aptly titled with almost every chapter leaving you in a cliffhanger. The more you read, the more secrets are uncovered, and the more you continue reading.

This book is definitely NOT for the sensitive, the empath. You need to either remove yourself from the book emotionally, or be a bit of a hard heart.

I would highly recommend this book to be used as Recommended Reading (for discussion basis) for Psychology students.

You may purchase her book in Amazon. Do check out her GoodReads page.


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