Tight Rope, by Sahar Abdulaziz

Tight Rope by Sahar Abdulaziz

“But Nour knew that goodwill and acceptance would never reveal themselves by taking off their hijab because for her or any other person of color, the skin she lived in wasn’t removable and therefore, subsequently, neither were the seeds of hatred.”
Tight Rope, by Sahar Abdulaziz
Djarabi Kitabs Publishing had sent me a hard copy of Tight Rope by Sahar AbdulAziz for review, and masha Allah, it is one powerful book, relatable to Muslims living in the West who undergo bigotry and racist attacks.

Tight Rope follows the lives of six characters, all culminating to one pivotal event – a political rally.

Nour Ibrahim, a political activist, has been receiving hate mails and death threats in her inbox and at her doorstep.
Russell Tetler, an aging man, loses his job, and finds ways to spend his energy elsewhere.
Maryam Quinonez, a recent revert to Islam, struggles to live with her Christian parents and find Muslim friends.
Eugene Underwood, as scary as the name sounds, is a hitman with a disturbing set of skills.
Zaid Ali, the son of a grocery owner, has clashes with his strong-headed Arab father.
Doris Tetler, the grudging wife of Russell, seeks her freedom.

The characters may seem disconnected, but as the plot unfolds, their connection with each other becomes clearer.
If you have read Sahar AbdulAziz’s books, you would know it would have graphic content and language in it. And her plots are fast-paced. A true page-turner!
Tight Rope is available for purchase in Amazon. Do checkout the GoodReads page as well.
Have you read any political thrillers lately? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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